6 Critical Features that Translate into Productivity

1. Full Spectrum Color Delivery

SOLAX is the only true artificial sunlight in the world. Using SOLAX lighting, objects can be seen correctly – offering true color and natural tones. When color evaluation is critical, SOLAX delivers the answer.

2. Improved Quality Control

To keep your competitive edge, you need lighting that can support your demanding production standards. SOLAX lighting provides your employees with the tools to perform precision, sight-dependant tasks. Improved speed, reduced errors and increased staff performance translate into productivity and quality control for your company.

3. No More Light Flickering

SOLAX uses a special DC power base instead of alternating current. This eliminates that “flickering”’ effect that can be such as strain on the human eye and can lead to fatigue and human error.


4. Light Performance Remains Constant

During the entire life of the SOLAX light, there is no light source deterioration. The average life cycle for the xenon lamp is between 1500 and 2000 hours, depending on use. For businesses or technical facilities demanding standardized performance, you can rely on a consistent lighting environment everyday.

5. Filters That Can Adapt Your Lighting For Any Situation

SOLAX offers a broad range of lighting filters to support industry and business applications. From opacity (transparent to frost) to bio filters to support living applications, we provide you with the tools to make your lighting a unique competitive resource.

6: Custom Solutions Can Be Manufactured

SOLAX has designed lighting solutions for every type of client need. Across a range of manufacturing, industrial, research, scientific and international applications, we can add over 15 years of experience to SOLAX’ long list of features.