A breadth of industrial applications can be found anywhere that product illumination is critical to your success. From pharmaceuticals to automotive, manufacturers can suddenly discover a whole new set of production and quality assurance options that can reduce risk, improve competitiveness and can offer whole new product categories – not available before.

A Range of Industry Solutions

Research & Development Facility / University

  • Create Outdoors Conditions
  • Apply sunshine for experimentation
  • Biotech research
  • Solar Simulator
  • Foster growth of plants, animals and insects
  • Aging Testing

Medical/ Pharmaceutical

  • Development of new medicine
  • Skin planting operation
  • Dental (Color check of artificial tooth)

Film/Camera Manufacturer / Photo Studios

  • Studio Lighting
  • Lighting for digital camera photography
  • Film/Print testing
  • Camera evaluation

Color Industry

  • Standard lighting for color evaluation
  • Education tool for colorists


  • Evaluating color and taste of textile/cloth
  • Check color, scratch, irregularity of printed cloth
  • Color matching with standard color model


  • Evaluating and checking of paints


  • Evaluating color of printed products
  • Toning color of ink
  • Lighting for digital image processing

General Industry

  • Evaluating color of products indoor.
  • Checking irregularities after painting and finishing
  • Evaluating output video camera, CCD and other electronics
  • Color Matching Systems and Analysis
  • Evaluating LCD output
  • Product Aging