Bringing 30 Years of Japanese Scientific Expertise to Your Business

The SOLAX Technology, through SERIC Limited, offers companies around the globe, the first truly complete spectrum of industrial business lighting. We are now able to bring decades of Japanese scientific research to your plant, factory or production facility. This robust technology is mature and proven by many of the world great industrial organizations in industries such as: Electronics, Automotive, Consumer and Business Technology, Printing, Cosmetics, Textiles, Retail, Industrial, Universities and Research, and Chemical and Paints.

SERIC – The Company: A Proven Leader in Artificial Lighting

SERIC Ltd. is a Japanese firm that has been in business for over 24 years. They specialize mainly in artificial solar illumination lamp products.

The SOLAX™ artificial solar illumination lamp, available from Seric Ltd. of Japan, produces the special spectral distribution that so closely matches the natural light of the sun that you will feel the light is from the sun.

The true color of an object is most accurately seen by the natural sunlight that reaches the earth between (10:00am and 2:00pm) on a clear day. SOLAX’s unique light, using xenon technology and spectral correction filter, allows users such as professional artists, designers, photographers and researchers to work indoors and be able to see true colors of objects as if they were outdoors in the natural sunlight.

SOLAX™ has never been sold outside of Japan. It is the only true artificial sunlight in the world. Though several companies in the world are claiming that they produce lamps that create light similar to natural sunshine, SERIC’s claim can be easily proven by a straightforward comparison of the spectrum of each light.

SOLAX™ was invented in 1986 by Mr. Taiji Sato, President of SERIC.

It took him about 30 years to develop the sophisticated, robust and mature technology level of the prize-winning SOLAX™ product of today.

Recognition of SERIC and SOLAX™ value include Forbes (Japanese Edition) introduction of SERIC Ltd. as one of the world leading technological companies of Japan.