LIGHTS - 100W Series
XC-100A Transparent Filter (370nm up)
XC-100AF Frosted Filter (370nm up)
XC-100B Bio Filter (300nm up)
XB-100A Ceiling Mounted with Transparent Filter
XB-100AF Ceiling Mounted with Frosted Filter
XB-100B Ceiling Mounted with Bio Filter
XC-100ASS Same as XC-100A Model with “Super Spot” Mirror
XC-100BSS Same as XC-100B Model with “Super Spot” Mirror
100W Light Options.
ST-1500C - Floor Stand
STC-1400K - Stand with casters
SEC-1400G - Stand with casters

ST-CO3A - Tripod for one lamp
ST-CO3B - Tripod for two lamps

A Transparent – Glass Only
AF Frost – Glass Only
B Bio – Glass Only


Transparent – Glass with Frame
AF-3P Frost – Glass with Frame
B-3P Bio – Glass with Frame
Spare Lamp
CSW-3 AC 100-120V(with type A Plug)
CP0-200 AC 200-240V(without plug)